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Court Details
Court's NameCalifornia Northern District
Release NameNextGen CM/ECF Release 1.6 (Revision 1.6.2)
ECF Go Live DateApril 1, 2001
Maximum PDF File Size50 MB
Maximum Merge Document Size51 MB
Threshold for Large Docket Sheet Warning (Entries)Not Set
Case Number FormatO:YY-TY-#####-INI example: 3:03-mc-00020-WHA
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Court Locations
Court's Name California Northern District
Court's Address 450 Golden Gate Avenue, Box 36060, San Francisco, CA 94102
Court's Phone Number (415) 522-2000
Court's Email Address
Court's Hours 9AM-4PM, M-F
Court's Name California Northern District, San Jose Division
Court's Address 280 So. First Street, Room 2112, San Jose, CA 95113
Court's Phone Number (408) 535-5364
Court's Name California Northern District, Oakland Division
Court's Address 1301 Clay Street, Suite 4008, Oakland, CA 94612
Court's Phone Number (510) 637-3530

Court Offices
3San Francisco
5San Jose

Pacer Details
Pacer's AddressPACER Service Center, P.O. Box 780549, San Antonio, TX 78278-0549
Pacer's Phone Number(800) 676-6856 or (210) 301-6440 if residing in the San Antonio area
Pacer's Email

Flag Definitions
22552255 Motion to Vacate
ADRMOPADR Multi-Option Program
ADRMOPTERMADR Multi-Option Program Terminated
AO279AO279 Patent/Trademark Copy
ARBTERMTermination of ARB Process
ATTY DISCAttorney Disciplinary Case
AdminClosedAdministratively Closed
CAPITALDeath Penalty Cases
CASREFCase referred
CLOSEDCase Closed
CONSENTCase where all parties have consented to proceed before a Magistrate Judge
E-FilingElectronic Court Filing
E-ProSeA pro se party has been granted permission to e-file in this case
ENEEarly neutral evaluation
ENETERMTermination of ENE Process
EXHIBITSExhibits in Case
HABEASHabeas Corpus
INTERPRETERInterpreter Needed
MAGAPPAppeal from Magistrate Judge's Decision
MEDTERMTermination of Mediation Process
MJSELECTMagistrate Judge Selected
MOTREFMotion referred
NoFileCases where the judge has issued an order barring one of the parties from filing any more documents
PMERGEPartial Merge
PROTOProtective Order
PRVADRReferred to Private ADR
PRVADRTERMTermination of Private ADR
PrisSpecClosedAdministratively Closed as a Result of an Order on Motion to Stay
ProSePro Se Case
REFEVID-AGTReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - AGT
REFEVID-BZReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - SVK
REFEVID-DMRReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - DMR
REFEVID-EAIReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - EAI
REFEVID-EDLReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - EDL
REFEVID-EMCReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - EMC
REFEVID-HRLReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - HRL
REFEVID-JCSReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - JCS
REFEVID-JLReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - JL
REFEVID-JSCReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - JSC
REFEVID-KAWReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - KAW
REFEVID-LBReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - LB
REFEVID-MEJReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - MEJ
REFEVID-NCReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - NC
REFEVID-NJVReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - NJV
REFEVID-PSGReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - PSG
REFEVID-PVTReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - PVT
REFEVID-RMIReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - RMI
REFEVID-RSReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - RS
REFEVID-SKReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - SK
REFEVID-TJBReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - TJB
REFEVID-TSHReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - TSH
REFEVID-VKDReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - JL
REFEVID-WDBReferred for Evidentiary Hearing - WDB
REFPOSTJGMT- AGTReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - AGT
REFPOSTJGMT- RMIReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - RMI
REFPOSTJGMT- TSHReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - TSH
REFPOSTJGMT-BZReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - BZ
REFPOSTJGMT-DMRReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - DMR
REFPOSTJGMT-EAIReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - EAI
REFPOSTJGMT-EDLReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - EDL
REFPOSTJGMT-EMCReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - EMC
REFPOSTJGMT-HRLReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - HRL
REFPOSTJGMT-JCSReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - JCS
REFPOSTJGMT-JLReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - JL
REFPOSTJGMT-JSCReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - JSC
REFPOSTJGMT-KAWReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - KAW
REFPOSTJGMT-LBReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - LB
REFPOSTJGMT-MEJReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - MEJ
REFPOSTJGMT-NCReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - NC
REFPOSTJGMT-NJVReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - NJV
REFPOSTJGMT-PSGReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - PSG
REFPOSTJGMT-PVTReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - PVT
REFPOSTJGMT-RMIReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - RMI
REFPOSTJGMT-RSReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - RS
REFPOSTJGMT-SKReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - SK
REFPOSTJGMT-SVKReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - SVK
REFPOSTJGMT-TJBReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - TJB
REFPOSTJGMT-TSHReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - TSH
REFPOSTJGMT-VKDReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - VKD
REFPOSTJGMT-WDBReferred for Post Judgement/Collection Matters - WDB
REFR&R-AGTReferred for Report & Recommendation - AGT
REFR&R-BZReferred for Report & Recommendation - BZ
REFR&R-DMRReferred for Report & Recommendation - DMR
REFR&R-EAIReferred for Report & Recommendation - EAI
REFR&R-EDLReferred for Report & Recommendation - EDL
REFR&R-EMCReferred for Report & Recommendation - EMC
REFR&R-HRLReferred for Report & Recommendation - HRL
REFR&R-JCSReferred for Report & Recommendation - JCS
REFR&R-JLReferred for Report & Recommendation - JL
REFR&R-JSCReferred for Report & Recommendation - JSC
REFR&R-KAWReferred for Report & Recommendation - KAW
REFR&R-LBReferred for Report & Recommendation - LB
REFR&R-MEJReferred for Report & Recommendation - MEJ
REFR&R-NCReferred for Report & Recommendation - NC
REFR&R-NJVReferred for Report & Recommendation - NJV
REFR&R-PSGReferred for Report & Recommendation - PSG
REFR&R-PVTReferred for Report & Recommendation - PVT
REFR&R-RMIReferred for Report & Recommendation - RMI
REFR&R-RSReferred for Report & Recommendation - RS
REFR&R-SKReferred for Report & Recommendation - SK
REFR&R-SVKReferred for Report & Recommendation - SVK
REFR&R-TJBReferred for Report & Recommendation - TJB
REFR&R-TSHReferred for Report & Recommendation - TSH
REFR&R-VKDReferred for Report & Recommendation - VKD
REFR&R-WDBReferred for Report & Recommendation - WDB
REFSET-AGTReferred for Settlement - AGT
REFSET-BZReferred for Settlement - BZ
REFSET-DMRReferred for Settlement - DMR
REFSET-EAIReferred for Settlement - EAI
REFSET-EDLReferred for Settlement - EDL
REFSET-EMCReferred for Settlement - EMC
REFSET-HRLReferred for Settlement - HRL
REFSET-JCSReferred for Settlement - JCS
REFSET-JLReferred for Settlement - JL
REFSET-JSCReferred for Settlement - JSC
REFSET-KAWReferred for Settlement - KAW
REFSET-LBReferred for Settlement - LB
REFSET-MEJReferred for Settlement - MEJ
REFSET-NCReferred for Settlement - NC
REFSET-NJVReferred for Settlement - NJV
REFSET-PSGReferred for Settlement - PSG
REFSET-PVTReferred for Settlement - PVT
REFSET-RMIReferred for Settlement - RMI
REFSET-RSReferred for Settlement - RS
REFSET-SKReferred for Settlement - SK
REFSET-SVKReferred for Settlement - SVK
REFSET-TJBReferred for Settlement - TJB
REFSET-TSHReferred for Settlement - TSH
REFSET-VKDReferred for Settlement - VKD
REFSET-WDBReferred for Settlement - WDB
RELATERelated Case
REMANDCase Remanded back to Court of Appeals
REMOVERule 5 Removal
REOPENCase Reopened
SEALEDCase Sealed
SMSpecial Master
SPANISH INTERPRETERSpanish Interpreter Neeed
STANDING COMM REFCases referred to the Standing Committee on Professional Conduct pursuant to Civil L.R. 11-6
STAYEDCase Stayed
TRANJURTransfer of Jurisdiction - Probation/Supervised Release
TROTemporary Restraining Order

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