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Last updated: 02/24/12

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Effective January 9, 2012, the Northern District of California will accept online credit card payments, via CM/ECF, for the filing fees associated with pro hac vice applications and civil notices of appeal. The payment module allows registered CM/ECF users to pay fees by credit card during electronic filing. Users are advised to read the information page (here), as well as General Order 68 which describes the policy for refunding erroneously paid fess.

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The new module in CM/ECF allows e-filers to pay filing fees by credit card over the internet.

Currently, may be used to pay the following types of filing fees:


The fee for a civil notice of appeal


The pro hac vice admission fee in civil and criminal cases
(Motion for Pro Hac Vice)


How to use

Users will be automatically directed through the internet payment process when e-filing a document that features the Pay.Gov payment option.

Users will be presented with a payment information screen that requests the "account holder name" (i.e., the name on the credit card), address and credit card information (see Figure 1). The account holder's name, address and zip code will be automatically populated with the e-filer's CM/ECF account information, which can be found in the CM/ECF menu under Utilities > Maintain Your ECF Account. The payment amount field will be automatically populated with the applicable fee.

Once online payment of the filing fee has been successfully completed, users will be automatically returned to CM/ECF to complete the e-filing process.

Figure 1 - Payment Information


Fields marked with an asterisk are required fields.


The billing address is a required field that is pre-populated with the e-filer's CM/ECF account information, but may be changed. The address does not have to correspond to with the credit card billing address. Changing the billing address does not make an address change in ECF.


Clicking the "Continue with Plastic Card Payment" button presents the user with a summary screen (Figure 2).

Figure 2 - Summary Screen


In order to receive a receipt for payment of the filing fee, users must enter a valid email address on this screen. This email receipt (see figure 3) will have Pay.Gov tracking ID number and Agency Tracking ID/receipt that the Court may need to identify the transaction should a problem arise or if a refund is requested.


After carefully review the payment information to ensure that it is correct, check the authorization box and click the "Submit Payment" button. Users will be automatically returned to the CM/ECF to complete their filing. Prior to charges being made, users will be prompted with the following notice:


Pressing the "Submit Payment" button more than once may result in multiple transactions being processed.


After which, the Transaction Summary will be displayed:

Figure 3 - Email Receipt


Transaction History:

Online payments of fees using may be reviewed using the Internet Payment History option in the CM/ECF Utilities Menu.

Figure 4 - Internet Payment History




If processing of a payment is unsuccessful, an error screen will appear. PRINT THIS ERROR SCREEN or write down the complete message and email it to the ECFHelpDesk at or call 1-866-638-7829 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


If you are concerned that your payment was not successfully completed, view your Internet Payment History. If the payment does not appear in your Internet Payment History, it was not successfully completed.


It there is a technical failure with the payment module, the filing session will be aborted and must be restarted from the beginning.

bullet has occasional planned maintenance and upgrade outages; please check the website at http:// for notices of such outages, and instructions for how to receive email notification of them.


Refund requests are governed by General Order 68. An application for refund may be submitted via CM/ECF using the event found under:
Other Filings > Other Documents > Application for Refund


[ Link to GO 68 and refund form ]


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