Docket Information and how it gets there.
Last updated: 05/02/05

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The docket text is built via a combination of automatic system functions as well as optional and/or required data entry.

Below is a sample of the Docket Text screen with an example for Motion to Dismiss.  This shows:


The "Free Text Box" - an optional open field where you can type any needed additional information for the docket text.


The "Modifier" - an optional selection for modifying the event title.

Not all events have Free Text Boxes and/or Modifiers.  These sections are optional.  They are provided to build the description which is shown in the docket.

Below is a representation of a sample Docket Text Screen using the event "Motion to Dismiss" as an example:

Docket Text: Modify as Appropriate.
  [Modifier MOTION to Dismiss   [Free Text Box filed by ABC. (Mason, Perry)
First 5
Tenth 6

  Modifier Pull-Down

Click here for a screen-shot from ECF.

When theses options are used, if you were to view the entire docket sheet (using your PACER login) they will show up in the docket text as shown in the example below:

 # Docket Text
12/18/2002 2

 First  MOTION to Dismiss  due to lack of evidence  filed by ABC. (Mason, Perry)  (Entered: 12/18/2002)

The  Modifier  pull-down will show where placed by the system (here it shows "First" before the event title "Motion to Dismiss").

The  free text  will always show in italics and was entered manually by the person doing the filing, not automatically by the system.  Here it states "due to lack of evidence" which is what was typed in by the efiler.  The system automatically converts the text to italics.

The attorney who filed the event will show in the parentheses, last name fist (Mason, Perry).  If a filing was done by the court, this will only show initials only, such as (br, COURT STAFF)

The  Entered  date (shown in the docket text) may not match the  Filing Date  if the event was logged by the court.  This may occur when documents are submitted to the court in paper format, then the clerks enter the docket information sometime later.  As far as the case goes, the  Filing Date  is the date the event actually occurred.

Also note that the  docket number  (2) in this example is underlined (hyperlinked).  You could click this to bring up the associated PDF document.  If the docket number is not underlined, this means that there is no PDF available for this docket entry.  This may be because it exists in paper format only, may be a court generated event, etc.  Click HERE for more information on this.

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