Access and Rules for the Courthouse


In the case of Perry v. Schwarzenegger, Chief Judge Ware has granted express permission for the following in the main courtroom and the overflow courtroom, unless otherwise ordered:

  1. Use of a laptop.

  2. Although generally prohibited, use of a smartphone or other similar personal device for transmission of e-mail, including filing of reporter's stories, is permitted in the main courtroom and the overflow courtroom, unless otherwise ordered.

  3. Wireless internet access may not always be available in the federal court, but silent use of a wireless card to transmit from the courtroom is permitted.

  4. Unless a specific area is officially designated by U.S. Marshal's for photography inside the building (such as the Federal Bar Association Media Center on the first floor), cameras may not be used in the San Francisco federal building. Photography and interviews are permitted outside the building. No cabling is permitted in the federal building.

  5. Cell phones, pagers and other devices may NOT be used except for text functions and must be turned off or set to vibrate mode in the courtroom. "Tweeting" is a permitted form of texting. Cell phones may be used in the hallways outside the courtrooms and other public areas. A public phone is available on the second floor of the San Francisco federal building

  6. Broadcasting of proceedings is prohibited by policy of the Judicial Conference of the United States. This includes tape recording devices of any kind. As an exception, the court has specifically permitted short circuit broadcasting to an adjoining courtroom to accommodate additional observers.

  7. Proper decorum is expected of all visitors to the Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse.

Violations of these rules by a representative of any news organization may result in loss of credentials for further proceedings in this case.

For access to the docket and case documents, please click here.