E-mail Announcement Service

In addition to a number of other e-mail announcement lists that the court provides, due to the high volume of interest in this case, the court is providing a special e-mail announcement service that anyone can join. Subscription is free, open to anyone, and you may subscribe or unsubscribe (join or leave) at any time.

By joining this e-mail announcement service, you will receive two types of notices:

  1. Logistical Information: You will receive important announcements from the Clerk's Office related to information regarding this case, such as: procedures for access to proceedings, press passes, parking info, etc.
  2. Case Activity: This court utilizes an online electronic filing ("e-filing") system called Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF). This system sends out e-mails called Notices of Electronic Filings (NEF), each time a filing occurs in a specific case. This is how attorneys on the case get notice that the court or other counsel have submitted documents. The NEFs are sent immediately after a document has been submitted to the system. By joining this list, you will receive a copy of the NEFs on this specific case.

    NEFs are simply an e-mail which will contain:
    • Who did the filing
    • Who on the case was served the filing electronically (via e-mail)
    • What date and time it was filed
    • The name of the document(s)
    • The docket text associated with the document(s)
    • On whose behalf the document was submitted
    • A hyperlink to download an Adobe PDF copy of the document.

      NOTE: Although you will be able to view the NEFs without a login, you must still use a valid PACER account to view/receive/download all documents, and all documents not subject to the E-Government Act of 2002 will be subject to a fee.

Please view a sample of an NEF here.


  • The court's CM/ECF system sends NEFs automatically and immediately, but e-mail servers anywhere between the court and you may delay delivery of these NEFs to you, for reasons entirely outside of the court's control.
  • Be aware that you will receive one NEF for each filing, so there may be many at a time.
  • Some NEFs may include links to multiple documents, such as a motion with attached exhibits. Read each notice carefully.
  • Only current NEFs are sent. No NEFs from the past will be sent, but viewing the docket sheet will show you all the past activity on any case.


Our e-mail lists are generously hosted on equipment located at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District Court of New York, so you will see their address on the e-mails, but our lists are managed entirely by the staff here in the Northern District of California (CAND).

Subscribing to (joining) or unsubscribing (leaving) from our lists is very simple and is done by the subscribers themselves:

  1. Create a new e-mail addressed to:


Please note that all commands/requests are sent to this same e-mail address, not anywhere else.

  1. Leave the subject line blank. Words sent in the subject line may cause an error message to be returned.
  2. To subscribe to (join) an individual list, place the following text exactly as shown in the BODY of your e-mail:

SUBSCRIBE PerryProp8 anonymous

The "listserv" system requires a name at the end of the command, but the court does not require or use this information, so you still must include the word anonymous at the end of the command, or it will fail.

  1. To unsubscribe (leave) an individual list, place the following text in the BODY of your e-mail:

SIGNOFF PerryProp8

That's all you need do! You can also find out what lists you are already subscribed to by placing the following text in the body of the e-mail:


NOTE: In order to receive NEFs, check your spam/junk settings to make sure they will not get blocked.

  • NEFs are sent from:


  • NEFs sent through the PerryProp8 e-mail list are a little different. They will be sent from this whole string:


  • NEFs are sent to:



If you have questions, please see our website at http://www.cand.uscourts.gov/ and click on the button labeled
E-mail Announcements.

All technical questions and problems should be sent to our E-Filing Helpdesk at ecfhelpdesk@cand.uscourts.gov. All questions about an individual list should be sent to that list and the question will be forwarded to that list's owner.

For access to the docket and case documents, please click here.